Homes Improvement
Alaska Airlines magazine (March 2013)

Certificate Programs
Alaska Airlines magazine (Nov. 2011; pgs 115-116, 119)

Study-Abroad Programs
Alaska Airlines magazine (May 2011; pgs 147-148, 150)

Choosing a Major
Alaska Airlines magazine (Feb. 2011; pgs 133-135)
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Finding the Right College
Alaska Airlines magazine (Oct. 2010; pgs 131-134)

Online Learning
Alaska Airlines magazine (Aug. 2010; pgs 111, 113-114)

Chef’s Special: When two local chefs designed their dream kitchen with a green eye toward reusing existing materials, the results really got cooking
Seattle magazine (April 2009)

Down Under: Seattleites find that to add square footage, digging down-or lifting their house up-is the way to gain space
Seattle magazine (Feb.2009)

Seattle’s Most Influential People
Seattle magazine (Nov. 2008)

Prize Fighter: From the wrongful death Mardi Gras Case to R-67, Karen Koehler Fights the good fight
Seattle magazine (Feb. 2008. )

Diane’s Market Kitchen: Just down the alley from Pike Place a charming little school cooks up fun
Seattle magazine (Dec. 2007)

Flunking Baby Einstein: When his research found that young kids don’t benefit from videos, the subsequent flap caught UW Pediatric Researcher Frederick Zimmerman by surprise
Seattle magazine (Dec. 2007)

Schoolhouse Rocks: Where past and present converge, Wallingford Center regains its footing
Seattle magazine (December 2007)

Gridlock: A scathing portrait of the U.S. prison culture
Seattle magazine (Nov. 2007)

Sole Searching: A Walking Guide to Downtown Seattle
Seattle magazine (Nov. 2007)

Support Bar: A Friend’s Cancer was a call to action for a Georgetown Hot Spot Owner Michelle Braasch
Seattle magazine (Oct. 2007)

Albania: A Church Resurrected
Orthodox Observer (April 2000)
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